Thursday, January 05, 2012

Another Year!

I realized today that it had been one year since I last posted a blog! My how time flies!! So, I thought I'd sit down and reflect on the past year. In keeping with past posts, I'm going to list out, by month, different events that I remember.

2011 in review:

Built a pump house over the well pump at the farm
Began taking New Land Owner classes from the Colorado County Ag Extension service
Hopewood Farm becomes a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas

Purchased a 12 foot lowboy trailer for the farm
Began taking the Urban Rancher classes from the Harris County Ag Extension service
Purchased a Colt Anniversary III 1911 pistol in celebration of 20 years employment at Chevron

Cleared land for the log cabin site
Site for the log cabin was staked out
Volunteered at the Texas Quest adventure race

Built a two bay lean-to next to shed at the farm for tractor, 4 wheeler, and side by side
Pad site was created for the log cabin

Traveled to Salt Lake City for business
Took first load of timber to be milled down for the log cabin
Concrete was poured for the foundation of the log cabin

Went to Canton to find items for the log cabin
Traveled to Midland for business

Satterwhite Log Homes constructed log cabin
Traveled to Salt Lake City for business
Made 2 knives
Tractor Supply opens in Columbus, TX (woohoo!!!)

Put up electric fence so cows could graze on property
Shingles installed on the log cabin
Plumbing/electrical rough-in at the log cabin
Hopewood Farm now has a website domain name!

Interior walls up, painted at the log cabin
A/C installed at the log cabin (whew!)

Put up deer feeders and deer cameras on property
Kitchen cabinets installed at the log cabin
Septic/propane installed at the log cabin

Deer hunted first day of deer season (no kill)
Moved furniture from mobile home to log cabin

Countertops and appliances installed at the log cabin
Had Christmas at the farm!

I look forward to what God has planned for 2012!

All for now,

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